Ultra Pet Better Way Flushable Cat Litter

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Cat litter is where cats dump their waste – urine or fecal matter. It makes things in the house neat. However, the problem lies by the time humans need to clean them. Man may have a hard time thoroughly cleaning the litter box, and being up close to the accumulated waste make the matter even worse.

There are other problems that may need to be addressed when it comes to cat litters. However, Better Way Flushable Cat Litter hopes to solve these problems in one go.

Problem One: Training Cats to Use the Litter Box

The cleanliness of the cat is something that should be taken into consideration.

On a regular day, a cat, just like any other animal, eliminates their waste. However, the difference between them and cats is that the latter does it consistently in one area. Reports even suggest that they can hold it until they are comfortable enough where they are used to. This makes using a litter box for the first time complicated. Good if they were brought up doing it in a litter box, but there are others which were raised just like any other pets.

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter has a scent that attracts cats towards it. Sanel is a natural occurring scent which the cats love. The manufacturer incorporated it into the product in order to make sure that cats will be properly trained right at the get go. By doing so, sooner or later, the litter box will become the place where they are comfortable in eliminating their waste.

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It is a very convenient way of training cats, or to others, re-training them.

Problem Two: Cleaning

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter solves the problem of cleaning. Eyebrows will be raised due to this statement, but here is their defense.

It is true that other cat litters in the market is capable of making it easier to clean litter boxes. In fact, all cat litters claim it to be one of its features. However, the clump of clay that is formed in Better Way’s version can be scooped immediately and flushed in the toilet without any problems. As a result, the piping system will not clog.

Problem Three: Waste of Good Cat Litter

Cat litter is usually used in one go. You buy a bag and then, everything is poured in the box. That is its design. However, this also poses a threat of wasting good quality cat litter.

When a cat eliminates waste, it is only natural that those adjacent to it might also clump. This is not the case for Better Way. The clumping effect is localized. Meaning those adjacent to it does not clump. So, you are able to fully every last grain of litter for extended use. In fact, if you only have one cat, the cat litter has the potential to last more than one month.

Better Way Flushable Cat Litter is the one to answer all problems related to cat waste elimination. If you do not have one yet, buy now and enjoy such luxury of a product solving all your cat problems.